What is the Image of a Feminist in the Field of Art Education Today?

What is the Image of a Feminist in the Field of Art Education Today?
The question was thoughtfully discussed in an open dialogue at the 2010 NAEA Convention with Women’s Caucus member and friends. The transcript is now available at http://naeawc.net/lobby2010.html
The NAEA Women’s Caucus invites you to use the Voices blog as a place to submit additional comments.
PURPOSE: Beyond the WC sessions, meetings, and events that reside within the formal protocol of the NAEA, the Lobby session serves as an informal forum for political discussion and/action. Karen Keifer-Boyd, Read Diket, and Joanna Rees facilitated the 2010 NAEA WC Lobby session, an open forum for current, previous, and future NAEA Women’s Caucus (WC) members, as well as those who do not intend to join the NAEA WC, to engage in a dialogue on the meaning, practices, and rejection of feminism in art education.
PROCESS: The WC 2010 Lobby session began with informal conversations among those new to each other, and to exchange contact information to meet during the conference, or later via email dialogue. Then the full group came together to introduce themselves and respond to the 2010 Lobby session question: “What is the Image of a Feminist in the Field of Art Education Today?”
INTERIM ANALYSIS OF 123 SURVEY RESPONSES: Prior to the NAEA WC Lobby session, we invited art educators, through the division listservs, to complete a survey. The purpose of this survey is to learn of art educators’ perceptions of and relationship to feminism in their work in the field of art education today. What are the reasons that art educators identify with or reject feminism? What are the differences of ideology and teaching practices between those who consider themselves to be feminists and those who don’t? A snapshot interim analysis of the 123 responses gathered as April 10, 2010 was presented to stimulate discussion at the 2010 WC lobby session.
RESPONSES: More than 40 people recorded their responses to a question posed at the 2010 WC Lobby session, “What is the image of a feminist in the field of art education today?” The NAEA Convention WC Lobby session extended the “Survey of Art Educators’ Perceptions of and Relationship to Feminism.” If you missed the 2010 Lobby session in Baltimore, we invited responding to the survey by July 1, 2010 at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GBQV8Z6.

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