WC Postcard Project I: Installation 2

Prompt 2. A time when you felt stereotyped or discriminated against because of your gender, race, sexuality, age, abilities, appearance, or creed.

“A time when I felt powerless or not in control.”-Written by the artist

Prompt 3. A time when you felt powerless or not in control.


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3 Responses to WC Postcard Project I: Installation 2

  1. Anonoymous says:

    When I first saw the hand with extended ring finger image it took my breath away. The process of marrying my partner, or I should say our families, was one of the most oppressive, stereotypical gender experiences I’ve tackled. Although I never really spoken about that with anyone but him. Thanks for sharing this experience!

  2. March says:

    I find the second piece, with pictures of army men, extremely interesting to analyze according to contemporary art concepts. The text below “A time when I felt powerless or not in control,” juxtaposes against our cultural notions of strong and commanding military figures. Semiotically speaking, intertextuality is further enhanced by viewing the front AND back of the figures…what does it mean to portray a weak area of an authority figure? Multidirectional arrows surrounding a golden starburst removes the figurines from a specific time and place–creating a space of “not knowing.”

  3. Rodney Draughn says:

    I am most drawn to the “drawing” of the hooded person with glasses. The words in this picture converge on the hooded figure while increasing in density, almost seeming to create the figure in words. Viewed differently, the words can be seem to emanate from the figure, becoming less dense and spreading out in a form of release.

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