WC Postcard Project I

Leaving the NAEA Convention in 2010, one of the goals the Outreach Coordinators had was to extend the dialogue and connection of Women’s Caucus members beyond convention and throughout the year. The Postcard Project is one avenue for creating a dialogue among members and importantly, speaking in our medium: Visual Art.

WC members were mailed Postcard Project packets on January 3rd, 2011. Inside you found a greeting letter, consent form, and blank stamped postcard addressed to Outreach Coordinator, Caryl Church. Using the prompts below as a jumping off point, members are asked to reflect and visually create a statement. Place the postcard in the mail. Once postcards have been received, Caryl will post them to this blog. From there we can, as a membership, create a thoughtful, inspired dialogue about feminism, feminist pedagogy, social justice, and art education.


1. A time that you experienced feminist pedagogy as teacher or student.

2. A time when you felt stereotyped or discriminated against because of your gender, race, sexuality, age, abilities, appearance, or creed.

3. A time when you felt powerless or not in control.

4. A time when you felt empowered.

5. A time when you or another you know felt/was violated/threatened.


About naeawcvoices

The official blog of the National Art Education Association Women's Caucus Voices Project. Speak up, be heard, redefine.
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