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An article in Cleveland’s Plain Dealer newspaper highlighted the blog of seventeen year old feminist Julie Zeilinger. About 356,000 visitors have read her website, thefbomb. Zeilinger considers herself an editor, but contributes to the articles on the blog. A blog from 4/30/2010 questions “How are we supposed to identify as feminists when most of us don’t even know what a feminist looks like?” This young woman is adding her voice to the larger discourse and bringing other teenagers with her. Kudos to her!

No doubt this blog is a insightful read for all of us trying to conceptualize the idea of a feminist and feminist art educator. You can read the Plain Dealer article here.


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The official blog of the National Art Education Association Women's Caucus Voices Project. Speak up, be heard, redefine.
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One Response to Teen Blogs Feminism

  1. Karen says:

    Kudos to Julie Zeilinger, who began the thefbomb.org blog at age 15 and has been publishing her work and others for 2 years. I am also glad to see The Plain Dealer publishing this story. The bedroom photo is filled with girl signifiers.

    In 1921, the headlines in The Cleveland Plain Dealer was about my grandmother’s lawsuit, which is a complex story but the headlines read, “Women Sues Mother-in-Law for Alienation of Husband’s Affection.”

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